Many people wonder what makes traditional education more effective than online education. Well, while most people believe this is true, others still think that online education still has a shot at being as effective as the traditional mode of education.

There are several benefits of online classes, but it is unarguable that being able to have a physical contact or conversation with a teacher tends to increase the students’ level of engagement, and also increases the level of interaction among students, thereby providing a conducive environment to associate with fellow students.

How can online education be as effective as traditional education? Below are few ways this can be made possible:

Building social presence through interactive technologies

In order to create quality interactions among students in an online learning environment, we would need great technology in place. This simply means that the most important part of running an online class is making use of a technology that allows students to interact meaningfully with one another, and also with the teacher. Luckily, there are applications like that, such as the Microsoft Teams and slacks. This app allows students to work on projects together, share ideas, and also receive feedback. And like the traditional mode of education, students are given the opportunity to build relationships among each other.

Reframe the narrative

Why is it important to use the word online as an indicator? For instance, why precede a program or a certificate with online? We feel like doing this makes online education look inferior, which would make people not to believe entirely in the system. So, rather than saying a student just received his/her online certificate, the statement should rather be that the student received his/her certificate. Until we stop adding the online as a qualifier, traditional education will always surpass being ranked higher.


Traditional education offers more accessibility. Students get to take notes from a physical lecturer. Also, no two students learn at the same pace, and students’ personality types and learning preferences affects their level of performance. Online teachers need to understand and adjust to the needs of the learners, and also be able to complete the courses, alongside ensuring that contents are accessible to everyone, and that students are well informed, and given an opportunity to ask questions when they are not clear.

Have a schedule

It is important that every online tutor has a schedule that is posted and can easily be accessed. It should include time of lectures, live instructions and social hours. Just like in the traditional education where there are bells, and timetables. This would lead to more coordination and credibility.

Identify and support struggling students

As stated earlier, there is nothing like having a physical conversation with your students. That way you would get to know if they are struggling or following. In an online learning environment, it is advisable to check in on your students privately, when you realize they are lagging behind, call them to order and think of ways to proffer solutions to their problems.

Online education can be as effective as traditional education, all it requires is more planning, stricter discipline, and lots of efforts from all stakeholders.