The Confusions and the Academic Writing

The controversy between the two ministers turned out to be based on a misunderstanding. So, in the end, it was a storm in a glass of water. After all, a storm in a glass of water means great fuss or disagreement over a matter that, after all, turns out to be of no significance.

The Academic Options

‘You practice academic writing at different times during your studies. A student must regularly complete a course with a paper. You must then show what you have learned by writing this down. You will also receive study credits for this. It is important that you work in a very orderly manner. You must clearly write down what it is about. You must also adapt well to the requirements of that specific assignment.

You will write your Bachelor’s thesis later in your study. If you are taking a Master’s degree, you must also write a Master’s thesis. You must show that you can describe a study independently. The thesis is also the conclusion of your bachelor’s or master’s degree. So, it is really important to do this the right way. “

Describe research

‘Education at the HBO or the university revolves around scientific knowledge. In higher professional education you have to show that you can apply scientific knowledge. You also learn at the university how you can develop new knowledge yourself. As a scientist, you must conduct research in a certain way and be able to describe it. You can make use of myadmissionsessay support now.

Two rules are important:

A study must be reproducible: “I came to these conclusions. I did that research as follows. You can imitate it and then you will come to the same conclusions. “

The description of your research and the results must be convincingly written. Someone who is in your field must understand and believe that it is true. He must be able to build on what you have discovered. “


‘You have to learn to write academically at a college or university. That goes step by step. But sometimes extra help is very nice. That is why there are Writing Labs at just over twenty colleges and universities. Step by step the student learns to discover what makes writing difficult for him personally. He then looks with his supervisor for customized solutions. If you know what you are up against, you can learn how to solve it. You learn how to get a grip on your writing process, how you can manage your writing process yourself. ‘

Scientific career

‘If a student really wants to make a scientific career later, he must publish. You then write articles about your research. As a scientist, you will be assessed on the quality of your publications, among other things. It also looks at the number of articles you write and in which journals you publish. Academic writing at a college or university is good preparation for a later academic career.’

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